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ACTION_MX_ATTACHED - Static variable in class com.cognex.dataman.sdk.MXHelper
MX reader attached Intent action
ACTION_MX_DETACHED - Static variable in class com.cognex.dataman.sdk.MXHelper
MX reader detached Intent action
ACTIVE_AIMER - Static variable in class com.cognex.dataman.sdk.CameraMode
Use camera with an active aimer (e.g., MX-100).
addContainedImageId(int) - Method in class
addContainedResultId(int) - Method in class
addContainedResultIds(Iterable<Integer>) - Method in class
addExpectedSimpleResult(SimpleResultId) - Method in class
addOverlay(Context, View) - Static method in class com.manateeworks.MWOverlay
Adds a MWOverlay to a parent View.
addReferredImageId(int) - Method in class
addReferredImageIds(Iterable<Integer>) - Method in class
addReferredResultId(int) - Method in class
addReferredResultIds(Iterable<Integer>) - Method in class
addSimpleResult(SimpleResultEntry) - Method in class
afCallback - Static variable in class com.manateeworks.CameraManager
ALWAYS_SHOW - Static variable in class com.cognex.dataman.sdk.PreviewOption
Force the preview to be displayed, even if off by default (e.g., when using CameraMode.PASSIVE_AIMER or CameraMode.ACTIVE_AIMER).
ANY - Static variable in class com.cognex.dataman.sdk.cognamer.CogNamerDeviceType
Any device
AsyncResult<T> - Interface in com.cognex.dataman.sdk
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