cmbWeb is built with WASM code, which was designed for speed. WASM binary components are much smaller than typical website components; they are faster to download and execute.


WASM and cmbWeb are supported on practically every operating system platform, including Apple iOS and Google Android.


WASM supports various web development languages, with applications like cmbWeb working on websites or internal-only private networks.

Where does cmbWeb work?

cmbWeb is available as a barcode scanning solution for web applications. It utilizes WebAssembly code to handle decoding directly in the browser from a camera video feed. As a general rule all major web browsers support WebAssembly, with more coming soon. For a more detailed support list, refer here.

Web Browser Support

What are the benefits of cmbWeb?

cmbWeb provides a single barcode scanning solution for your entire organization built on the cmbSDK technology. One component... One license. Performance nearly matches device-hosted app scanners without the development and deployment complexities. cmbWeb can now become your organization's common barcode scanning component across all mobile and desktop web deployments.

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