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Cognex Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web - Demo page

cmbWeb brings the powerful cmbSDK enterprise-grade barcode scanning experience to end users from a hosted website and their browser.

No camera

In order to use this page you will need a working camera connected to the device

Mobile Browser Support Issue

Use one of the following browsers to be able to explore the full cmbWEB experience.

Desktop: Chrome 57+, Firefox 52+, Opera 44+, Safari 11+, Edge 16+

Mobile - Android: Chrome 59+, Firefox 55+, Samsung Internet 7+

Mobile - iOS: Safari 11+, Chrome (only on iOS 14.3+)


use the "scan image" that will allow you to scan a picture taken from your device.

Accessing Camera

Connecting to the video capturing device

Permission Denied

In order to use this page you need to allow permission to use your video capturing device

1D Barcodes

2D Barcodes

Continuous Scan Mode

Continuously scan barcodes while the scanner is running

Play Sound After Scan

After successful scan play a "beep" sound

Effort Level

Using a lower effort level (decoder), and/or a lower camera resolution will also help reduce 'lag and jittering' due to CPU overuse.