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Cognex Mobile Certified Program

Cognex understands that enterprise solutions require a tight integration between hardware and software. To make sure that these two technologies are correctly connected we would like to offer the “Cognex Mobile Certified” Program. This gives developers the ability to have their apps tested for functionality with our hardware and utilize ...

Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK
SCM Support

What is SCM? A Structured Carrier Message is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standardized data record specific to the transportation shipping industry. In 1992, United Parcel Service invented the MaxiCode barcode, designing it to carry an SCM record. The MaxiCode barcode was especially engineered for use in sortation facilities where ...

Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK
IUID Support

What is IUID? The United States Department of Defense (DoD), in an effort to maintain a stringent and more accountable system for identifying Defense property, created the IUID Registry. Suppliers encode a 2D data matrix symbol and apply it to any and all physical property belonging to the DoD, thus ...

Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK
HIBC Support

What is HIBC? Originally meant for products specifically shipped to hospitals, the HIBC (Health Industry Bar Code) barcode labeling standard quickly grew to encompass a wide array of relevant medical and heath industries and their respective products. Its ease and effectiveness as far as reducing human error and helping to ...

Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK
ISBT 128 Support

What is ISBT 128? ISBT 128 is the global information standard for labeling human medical products; such products include blood, tissue, cells and organs. Particularly when it comes to dealing with items of a sensitive nature, ensuring the highest, most accurate standards possible is imperative. The International Council for Commonality in Blood ...

Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK
GS1 Support

What is GS1? A non-profit standards organization, GS1 works toward a common global cause. Creating a mutual business language, GS1’s barcode implementation strategies have reinvented retail, business, and industry practices worldwide. Fast and efficient information sharing, highly streamlined customer interactions, and automatic data capturing are at the core of ...