Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK
GS1 Data Extraction Support

What is GS1?

A non-profit standards organization, GS1 works toward a common global cause. Creating a mutual business language, GS1’s barcode implementation strategies have reinvented retail, business, and industry practices worldwide.

Fast and efficient information sharing, highly streamlined customer interactions, and automatic data capturing are at the core of what GS1 provides to over one million businesses, industries, and government agencies. With the development of this standard in product labeling, GS1 reinvented how supply chains operate and created an “International Language” for business.

How is GS1 used?

When it comes to decoding labels and procuring the necessary information instantly from GS1 barcodes, Cognex leads the way. The Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK Parser Plugin for GS1 is designed to quickly and efficiently parse relevant details from the corresponding product label or GTIN. Making it simpler than ever, for example, to access logistic and transport information regarding a certain product, the GS1 parser is a critical component for extracting decoded results into a structured format (JSON, Key-Value).

The GS1 family of barcodes is all supported by Cognex. The EAN/UPC barcodes provide instantly-recognizable labels printed on virtually every consumer product in the world. Databar barcodes are most often used to label fresh foods or coupons. Versatile 1D barcodes such as Code 128 and ITF-14 enable items to be tracked through global supply chains. 2D barcodes like Data Matrix and QR Code are used in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and warehousing to logistics and healthcare.

The Parser Plugin complies with GS1 specifications, offering an easy-to-use method perfect for extracting an application's required data quickly and easily. The Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK supports barcode detection and GS1 parsing, enabling developers to gather relevant workflow and application data into their barcode scanning apps.

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