Handheld Barcode
Scanner SDK

iOS and Android application development for our rugged, high-performance devices


Cognex Handheld/Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK

With the Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK, developing a mobile application that fully integrates with Cognex DataMan 8700 handheld scanners could not be simpler. The SDK provides a high-level API for connecting to, communicating with, and managing supported Cognex barcode readers.


Simple, powerful features

The Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK is ideal for building Android and iOS application that need full control of the scanning experience:

  • Supports DM8700 series handheld readers (via Bluetooth Direct Connect)
  • Supports multi-code scanning features (multiple scan results)
  • Accesses scan result meta data (scan image, barcode type, binary scan results, etc.)

Unified Barcode Scanning SDK

Want to develop a mobile application that uses our high-performance Bluetooth connection DM8700 readers? AND with the same APP do you want to be able to scan barcodes with your mobile phone or tablet? With the Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK, you can build a single application to do just that.

The cmbSDK is a unified SDK allowing you to access any supported Cognex barcode reader as well as barcode scanning using a mobile phone or tablet’s built-in camera through a single API. Advantages include:

  • Write one application; not different application for use with different technologies;
  • Use the best device for the environment: rugged Cognex DataMan scanners for your harsh environments, or nimble mobile phones/tablets for light duty scanning;
  • Leverage lower costs by with mobile phones and tablets when rugged devices are not needed
  • Increase productivity—now virtually when anyone can have a barcode scanner in their pocket using their mobile phone.

* Using ONLY the Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK to scan barcodes with a mobile phone or tablet is a separately licensed product. More information can be found here.

Cognex SDK Mobile App Development Platforms

Add barcode scanning to mobile apps using either our native SDKs for iOS and Android

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Use cross-platform tools like Cordova, Flutter, NativeScript, React Native, and Xamarin.

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Easily Manage Industry Standard Data

The Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK includes advanced data parsers for
standardized barcode formats:

  • GS1 Data Formats
  • AAMVA compliant driver’s licenses and IDs
  • Health Industry Bar Code Standard (HIBC)
  • International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT)
  • Department of Defense IUID
  • Structured Carrier Message (MaxiCode)

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