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Try out Cognex's easy-to-use online barcode scanning tool.

Designed for both new and experienced users, the tool provides instant, accurate barcode readings directly from your browser.


Features of the Free Barcode Scanner

  1. Auto-Detection: Not sure about the type of barcode? The tool automatically detects the code type and reads it for you.
  2. Image Upload: Easily upload your barcode images for scanning. For the best results, use images with a clean, white background.
  3. High-Accuracy Readings: Our advanced algorithm ensures high-accuracy readings and interprets even the most complex barcodes, minimizing errors and providing consistently reliable results.

Beyond the Tool: Cognex's Barcode Reader Product Portfolio

While this online tool offers convenience, Cognex barcode readers provide even greater functionality and versatility:

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Best Practices

  1. Try to use images that are on a clear white background.
  2. If the symbology (barcode type) within the image is known, select it in Step 1. ONLY if the symbology is unknown, use autodetect (NOTE: AUTODETECT is inefficient and imperfect codes may not be found).

About Image Decoding

Reading a barcode from a single image has its limitations--some barcodes may not be found because of pixel alignment, perspective, skew, illumination, or compression artifacts from formats like JPEG. Performance of this online barcode reader is not representative of the performance of our world class, rugged barcode readers. Learn more at

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