Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK
HIBC Data Extraction Support

What is HIBC?

Originally meant for products specifically shipped to hospitals, the HIBC (Health Industry Bar Code) barcode labeling standard quickly grew to encompass a wide array of relevant medical and health industries and their respective products. Its ease and effectiveness as far as reducing human error and helping to cut down on tracking, labeling, and logistical costs, has gained the HIBC standard labeling accreditation and adoption by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). Revolutionary in its ability to capture data regarding a wide variety of information pertaining to health care, the HIBC label standard can even be used to specify employees, patient records, purchase orders, and procedures.

The Health Industry Business Communications Council (HIBCC) began implementing Auto-ID/bar code labeling standards in the early 1980s. Designed to create safer practices and help healthcare professionals adhere to tighter patient-oriented guidelines and regulations, this particular barcode standard is supported globally.


How is HIBC used?

The Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK Parser Plugin makes it easier than ever to extract the necessary data from the HIBC labeler identification codes. Providing immediate details regarding such information as product identification, packaging unit, quantity, lot, and expiration data, for example, this plugin effectively reduces the amount of work a developer would otherwise be forced to do parsing through raw bytes of Data Matrix decoded results.

The Parser Plugin for HIBC makes the process of sorting through and parsing important details relative to health and medical-based products faster, more efficient, and more affordable. Given the stringent regulations and mandates inherent to this particular industry, we have created software that adheres to all necessary requirements while significantly streamlining the level of effort.

The Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK supports Data Matrix detection and HIBC parsing, enabling developers to gather relevant workflow and application data into their barcode scanning apps.

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