Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK
SCM Data Extraction Support

What is SCM?

A Structured Carrier Message is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standardized data record specific to the transportation shipping industry. In 1992, United Parcel Service invented the MaxiCode barcode, designing it to carry an SCM record. The MaxiCode barcode was specially engineered for use in sortation facilities where fixed cameras are used with high-speed conveyors. A Structured Carrier Message includes important shipping and delivery information like destination postal code, class of service, tracking number, shipper number, and package weight. In an automated sortation facility, this information is critical in routing a package to the correct truck or door.


How is SCM used?

The Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK Parser Plugin for SCM makes it easier than ever to extract data from a MaxiCode barcode containing a Structured Carrier Message. Retrieving package details and shipping information are greatly simplified: the plugin effectively reduces the amount of work a developer would otherwise be forced to do parsing through the raw bytes of MaxiCode decoded results.

The Parser Plugin for SCM makes the process of sorting through and parsing important details relative to package delivery faster, more efficient, and more affordable.

The Cognex Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK supports MaxiCode detection and SCM parsing, enabling developers to gather relevant workflow and application data into their barcode scanning apps.

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